The Publicity Coordinator is the glue that ties our department’s show publicists together and plays a vital role in editorial communications generated by our department. Strong writing skills and the ability to jump in and help wherever needed is key.
Duties include:

  • Compiles and distributes weekly clip reports from all our shows
  • Responsible for all editorial materials and assets generated by the division, including maintaining CMV’s portion of the corporate press site and making sure all editorial information, press releases and photos are up to date; connecting with publicists on all 10 shows to post their materials and ensure accuracy; working with marketing and corporate to make sure CMV’s information is up to date on external ViacomCBS web sites; proofreading press releases and written materials for our department
  • Plans and writes monthly division newsletter, as well as CMV Newsflashes
  • Be the liaison to corporate to make sure our division is represented in internal ViacomCBS communications
  • Research publications and journalists to pitch features/news to as well as build press lists for our department and the individual shows to use
  • Coordinates all Emmy-related activities from tickets to seating to writing congratulatory letters to planning celebratory event. Assists and plans events such as TCA, press events, etc.
  • Assist on PR projects as needed, such as helping show publicists with special projects
  • Administrative duties such as handling expenses and booking travel

Necessary skills:

  • Excellent writing skills is a requirement
  • You have a strong interest in public relations, preferably a degree in communications, public relations or journalism
  • One to two years of related experience (PR assistant or agency experience preferred)
  • Outstanding organizational skills; strong communication skills; and the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

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