Pluto TV is looking for a Director, Growth Marketing, to help lead Pluto TV’s user acquisition initiatives. This exciting role is primarily focused on growing the company in total audience, usage, and revenue through expertise in performance marketing, advanced analysis, complex domain knowledge, and data-backed insights. This position is tasked with continually identifying key opportunities and assessing growth challenges of the business. 

  • This is a meaningful role in our organization with a wide range of responsibilities, including:
  • Lead Pluto TV US user acquisition efforts, including planning, execution and optimization of media plans across web, CTV and mobile platforms.
  • Manage extensive budgets to scale U.S. audience growth.
  • Drive strategy and programs through thoughtful analysis of campaigns, targeting, messaging, and creative.
  • Apply creativity and drive expansion through hypothesis-driven exercises and projects.
  • Improve return on investment through optimizing plans and driving various key performance indicators, such as lifetime value analysis (LTV) and cost of acquisition (CAC).
  • Identify key opportunities and assess growth challenges, strategic partnership deals, and competitive risks to help the business meet its strategic and financial growth goals.
  • Lead the user acquisition team, managing a team of growth managers.
  • Work closely with a variety of agencies, media partners and cross-functional teams in driving business objectives.
  • Track, analyze and report on key KPIs and insights to partners, cross-functional team members and executive teams.
  • Partner with VP and key stakeholders on long term strategy and road map for the company.

Basic Qualifications

  • At least 5 years working in a performance marketing role, managing and executing return on investment positive user acquisition campaigns across web, mobile and CTV platforms.
  • Master’s degree in related fields preferred.
  • Strong proficiency in: advanced analytics, DMPs, attribution, predictive modeling, A/B testing, data visualization, automation and dashboarding.

Additional Qualifications

  • Subject matter expertise in growth, user acquisition, lifetime values, business and GTM strategy.
  • Experience with complex, large data sets and ability to extract specific sets of data.
  • Familiarity with retention, churn analysis, ad tech, ESPs, and SQL.
  • Interpersonal skills and strong leadership/management skills.
  • Entertainment / Streaming experience is a plus!

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