Amazon Studios is seeking an experienced development and programming executive to develop and oversee drama series, both genre and non-genre. The ideal candidate has extensive experience in both development and production with the predominance of prior experience holding senior Television Studio positions. Must possess a proven ability to identify strong material and have extensive experience in adapting IP in various forms into television content. Experience building creative projects from the ground up, including collaboration, guidance and feedback for top level writers and directors on early-stage conceptual development, pitches, stories, outlines, scripts and cuts. Candidate must have comprehensive knowledge and experience working with top-tier film and premium television talent as well as talent from a variety of mediums including literary authors, comic book/graphic novel creators, podcast creators, animation creators and video game designers. Proven, strong industry relationships required.

Key job responsibilities
· Seek out, assess and acquire intellectual property in a variety of formats
· Recruit top-tier new talent on an as-needed basis
· Interface, build relationships and package top tier talent into projects
· Plan and execute IP adaptation into visual content
· Serve as primary contact across multiple divisions of Amazon Studios
· Oversee all aspects of creative adaptation into development


· Experience working with other departments such as casting, production, research, PR, business and legal affairs
· 9+ years of experience as a creative executive
· Experience overseeing all creative aspects of development production and post production
7+ years of professional work experience
7+ years of experience in business development, partnership management or sourcing new business
7+ years of experience in developing, negotiating and executing business agreements

10+ years of experience
Studio experience preferred
Deep Industry knowledge
Experience building out stories with multiple components

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