The Production Supervisor (PS) is responsible for managing the day to day production within a specific department(s). In all duties below, the PS must work in collaboration with the artistic department supervisor(s). The success of their partnership will be a primary factor in the department’s success on the film. In addition, the PS is a leadership role in the studio and, as such, must accept the responsibility of supporting and representing the directives of the studio and the production leadership.


  • Works with the Production Manager (PM) and/or the Associate Producer (AP) to meet department production goals; strategizing, planning and overseeing resources on a departmental level.
  • Partners with artistic department leadership to establish achievable and attainable short and long term goals; ensuring the delivery of work on time and within budget, while keeping team morale as high as possible.
  • Maintains composure and optimism during times of change; sets a positive tone and acts as an example to the rest of the team.
  • Manages, motivates and creates an environment conducive to achieving goals and artistic achievements; looking for opportunities to improve department and project morale.
  • In collaboration with project leadership, oversee the department tracking of project pipeline, processes and workflows; embracing cross-project consistency, cross-department collaboration and championing process innovation.
  • Looks ahead to ensure that long term goals/quotas, department milestones and inventory expectations are met. Strategizes with artistic supervisors, project’s upper management and other PS’ to resolve any productivity or inventory issues.
  • Works with the department artistic supervisor to schedule, plan, and cast work to artists.
  • Anticipates and adapts to the needs of teams and the project; including evaluating frequency and tone of meetings, efficiencies of processes.
  • Clearly communicates department goals; acknowledging and addressing changes to department plans and expectations.
  • Represents the artistic department in production meetings; reporting department progress and discussing solutions to any issues impeding the department.
  • Keeps project leadership informed of department morale and progress.
  • Partners with the department artistic supervisor to coach, mentor and give performance feedback to all department members on the project.
  • Establishes expectations for the Production Management team within their department.
  • Provides mentorship and feedback to Production Assistants (PAs) and Production Coordinators (PCs) to foster growth towards individual goals.
  • Ensures department data is tracked accurately and is easily accessible and understandable.
  • Clearly communicates when changes in creative direction or productivity assumptions change; proactively offering suggestions to make-up for lost time and/or resources.
  • Create and maintain reports that clearly illustrate department and individual artist productivity.
  • Engages in Production Management issues on a studio level, i.e.: Shotgun meetings and architecture of tracking and other department tools, leadership training, Cross-project Production Management meetings and initiatives/planning related to the Production Management team.
  • Partnering with the Artist Manager, oversee department-planning issues such as OT and vacation as well as help in managing conflict within the department - including reporting issues to HR and production leadership when necessary.

Basic Qualifications:

  • 4 years minimum industry experience
  • Strong organization skills
  • Must have the ability to prioritize tasks at hand, assisting on all phases of production
  • Strong understanding of CG animation processes
  • Clear understanding of the principles of animation production
  • Production tracking experience using spreadsheets, databases or database software (such as Shotgun) a plus.
  • Demonstrated success engaging in problem solving techniques

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in film / TV production or equivalent experience preferred

Job ID: 840367BR

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