Data Wrangler (+Lead)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Daily presence on set with appropriate VFX gear for the day, including personal weather protection.
  • Access to equipment, such as: DSLR camera, lens (for reference photos), tripod, ball head, inclinometer, distometer, etc. as well as, Promote controller, Nodal Ninja, and wide-angle lens for Canon 5D (mark III or newer) or 7D.
  • Measure and record camera data in supplemental Filemaker when many and/or distant cameras are in play (ex. car chase) on the same unit.
  • Work closely with assistant camera operators and script supervisors to ensure accurate logging of camera data (focal length, lens height, tilt, etc).
  • Work with the VFX Supervisor to guide the Lidar vendor as needed.
  • Download, upload, log, backup (encrypted), and organize the photography nightly. Deliver data on an agreed-upon schedule.
  • Set up, operate and maintain department inventory of all VFX equipment and gear, including cameras, data, hard drives, and expendables of all on set VFX gear on a day-to-day basis
  • Place consumable orders for expendable supplies through the production office.


  • Must be fast and efficient with recording camera data for both planned & unplanned VFX shots, including reference overview photos (slate based), witness camera, color chart, camera details, place tracking markers, highly proficient with capturing HDRI's (slate based, as needed), photogrammetry (environment or slate based as needed)
  • Proficient with photographing textures and props for rebuilding in VFX (lenses & DSLR reference camera to shoot props, textures, buildings, etc.)
  • Knowledge and practical ability to draw lighting diagrams/set-up diagrams, including measurements.
  • Ability to guide witness camera placement on set and operate/record witness camera footage.
  • Ability to capture Environment Textures / Panos (as needed if there is not a scan vendor responsible).

Jr. Data Wrangler

  • Primarily measure and record camera data / VFX notes in Filemaker database. Look up data to provide a reference as needed.
  • Assist in tracking marker placement.
  • Supplemental overview photos if many or distant cameras are in play (ex. car chase).
  • Run the Ball & Chart in front of cameras (not exclusive to this role).
  • Ability to assist with HDRIs / Textures / Panos as needed (per request by Lead Data Wrangler)
  • If Witness Cams are needed: Set-up, slate, operate and break down witness equipment, record camera notes in a separate database for witness cams (ZoeLog preferred), and download/organize footage nightly (unless production is taking on ingest).

Job ID 884043BR

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