The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is seeking a Production Coordinator for their Marketing department’s in-house trailer production team, The Hive.

The Hive is responsible for producing and editing a substantial portion of the theatrical, international, digital, and creative content that promotes the theatrical and streaming releases for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios, and National Geographic. This includes company reels for D23, Comic Con, Disney Investor Day, and many other events.

The applicant should have an interest in the entertainment industry – specifically, marketing theatrical and streaming campaigns.

This is the perfect opportunity for individuals seeking a thrilling work environment that can elevate your skills in creativity, massive communication, organization, project managment, and career-building. The job holds responsibilities that are integral to the success (and magic!) of The Walt Disney Studios.

When collaborating with the team, learning from the experienced professionals, and maintaining strong communication with the leaders, this can be a terrific environment to build upon one’s creative and career ambitions.


  • Assisting every member of the team – VPs, Producers, Editors, Graphics Artists, Music Supervisors, and other administrators – with onboarding paperwork, equipment purchases, project management, timecards, payroll communication, and many other departmental projects.
  • Most importantly, managing communication through the beginning, middle, and end of every project within The Hive. This includes making sure that all necessary parties are included on emails and asset packages.
  • Completing production forms, scripts, shot lists, and other needed documents as projects prep for finishing. This is a daily requirement, often with many projects finishing simultaneously.
  • Scheduling meetings for our VPs and Producers – virtually and in-person – with clients, internally and externally of the Walt Disney company.
  • Recording copious notes during meetings.
  • Keeping up with extensive emails: organizing, responding, and forwarding to appropriate parties.
  • Writing copy and concept explorations for campaigns.
  • Quality checking documents and content (ex. Spell checking actor’s names).
  • Transcribing interviews, trailers/TV spots, media string outs, dailies, and features.
  • Searching through features and Disney+ shows to pull dialogue for company reels.
  • Sending/receiving digital assets via Box, Slingshot, Aspera Faspex, Marvel 5th Kind, Atris, Disney Digital Share, and more.
  • Coordinating with Disney courier services to send/receive physical packages.
  • Representing the Hive when communicating with Disney’s HR, IT, payroll, building managers, safety, and security.
  • Following the vital protocols to protect the security of confidential information.
  • Being available for daily over-time hours, which often extend late into the night and some weekends.

Basic Qualifications:

  • At least 1-2 years of industry experience is a plus. Though training is involved, this job is beyond an entry-level position.
  • Adapt into the roles of Associate Producer, Office Manager, Crisis/Safety Manager, and Production Assistant.
  • On a daily/project basis, work as a team with the Associate Producer and Production Assistant.
  • Adapt responsibilities for the work-from-home environment.
  • Possess strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Capably handle multiple responsibilities and projects at once.
  • Is comfortable with fast-paced workflow and shifting deadlines.
  • Is comfortable with using Apple computers for work.
  • Can handle the physical elements of the job. When on the lot, often on your feet, and may need to transfer carts and boxes.
  • Experience with Word, Excel, Outlook, and Zoom, is a plus.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • The Production Coordinator role has expanded to include the responsibilities of an Associate Producer, Office Manager, and Production Assistant. As such, the role can encompass at least 2.5 job descriptions.
  • Very important: when hired, the Production Coordinator needs to be immediately trained to have a thorough understanding of the above roles (4 total). The Coordinator will often be asked to cover the responsibilities of the above positions.
  • As such, please consider compensating this incoming individual at a higher rate then current.
  • This is a role that requires at least 1 or 2 more individuals (ex. the Associate Producer and Production Assistant) to help manage the substantial workflow.

Job ID 894164BR

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