Legendary is seeking an experienced Coordinator for the Feature Post Production team to support the Senior Vice President of Post Production. This position will be responsible for various tasks and functions in support of the team.

• Support the Post Department and Freelance Crews.
• Onboard Editorial crews with timecards, start paperwork, NDA’s, building access, etc.
• Support Pix, Box, Filerunner for sharing media and info across the company and with shows.
• Securing media and purchasing encrypted hard drives.
• Manage departmental/project calendars and documents.
• Write post manuals for internal use and show use.
• Manage screening requests in-house and off site; schedule internal screenings.
• Book Theaters and put Editorial rooms on hold.
• Work with Venders setting up Avids and equipment.
• Interface with Post Supervisors and Editorial crews.
• Update availability lists for Editors and Post Supervisors.
• Coordinate meetings, lunches and manage department schedule.
• Manage PO’s, invoices, update bids with current information, keep the PO tracker up to date.
• Organize and update Post documents, schedules, checklists.
• Book ADR stages, schedule Actors, deliver media, cue sheets, set up Source Connect.
• Keep track of Free Days for Cast.
• Keep track of NDAs.
• Add Crew to PIX.
• Assist with show deliveries to WB and China Legendary East.
• Manage China Distribution around the clock for KDM approvals.
• QC support when show is delivering to WB and China.
• Show wraps (updating Wrap Binders and closing out all Purchase Orders with finance).
• Point for rent charges and allocations.
• Arrange travel for editorial, Post Supervisors and crew traveling.
• Coordinate secure shipment of media via bonded courier as needed.
• Work with facilities to arrange walk-ons for guests.
• Code company credit card.
• Supervisor for multiple interns, delegating their workload and scheduling meet and greets/tours with people or vendors.
• Schedule all Covid Testing for crew and Post department.
Experience & Skills
• Bachelor’s degree
• 2+ years of experience in Entertainment preferred
• Post Production experience either in the Studios, Freelance, Production Companies or Venders
• Knowledge in Outlook, PIX, Filesharing (Sohonet, Aspera and Filerunner), Excel, Adobe Suite, Box, Busy Cal, iCalendar
• Rolling calls, schedule meetings, booking screening and conference rooms
• Finance experience with DPO system, Nexoia Credit Card Charges, Avid X, Purchase Orders
• Booking and managing Travel
• Interfacing with venders, filmmakers and Executives

Requisition Number: COORD001178

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