The Amazon Original Movies Post Production team is seeking a Post Production Manger to manage a slate of AOM titles from the pre-greenlight stage through delivery. Simultaneously, they lead initiatives to improve departmental and interdepartmental protocols and workflows.

The Post Production Manager will be responsible for post scheduling, dailies set up, script and budgeting reviews, BTL availability tracking, data tracking, and screening setups in addition to maintaining and overseeing project specific schedules, budgets and cost reports. The candidate will work directly with crews, filmmakers, vendors, and internal stakeholders to create a successful post workflow and delivery.

This is a great opportunity for someone who has interest in having their hands in every step of the post process and is comfortable multi-tasking across titles and departments as well as owning projects. They will also partner with both the Senior Post Executive and Post Executive on multiple features.

The Post Production Manager must know how to invent and simplify in order to make effective trade offs between production budgets and the creative goals of each production. We are seeking a candidate that is a think big problem solver, a self starter, has extreme attention to detail, is able to quickly pivot when necessary, and is able to juggle multiple high level responsibilities. A team player with a positive, efficient, and communicative work ethic and a willingness to learn is a must.

Key job responsibilities

  • Oversee multiple projects in various stages of post production at any given time

  • Review original scripts, budgets and bids to analyze specific post production challenges.

  • Post scheduling, including show specific calendars.

  • Work closely with producers, editors and post production supervisors to identify issues, support needs and propose solutions.
· Create and manage Dailies (PIX, Moxion) projects and users, including managing cuts and distribution lists.

  • Weekly cost tracking per project.
  • Maintain and update Movie Magic Budget templates.
  • Manage onboarding of external vendors and crew (including dissemination of NDA’s, working with Amazon’s Content Security Dept., ensuring the Post Production Supervisor has all delivery templates and documents).
  • BTL availability tracking.
  • MPA submissions.

  • Help manage post production accounting processes (POs, billing, invoices, cost reports).
· Editorial/ preview screenings memos and tech checks.
  • Onboarding Line Producers with budgeting guidelines.
  • Collect show specific bids and compare them across shows.
  • Creating show specific workflow documents.
  • Facilitate communications across department and set team meetings.
  • Help create and maintain protocols that will strengthen the efficiency of the AOM Post Production department
  • Travel when needed in support of projects.


  • Bachelor's Degree

  • 2+ years of experience as an assistant at a studio or production company
  • 1+ years of on-set physical production experience

  • 4 years of post production experience at a studio, vendor, or freelance.
  • Feature budgeting, budget tracking and post scheduling experience.
  • Ability to manage multiple productions at various stages in the production and post process

  • Experience with delivery schedules for theatrical and home entertainment distribution
  • Organized with great attention to detail.

  • Must have the ability to work well under time constraints.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Box, Outlook, Aspera, Movie Magic, Media Silo and/or similar file transfer systems.


  • Strong work ethic.

  • Relationships with sound, editorial, and finishing post houses
  • Detail oriented with excellent organization skills.

  • Experience working on movies of varying budgets and genres.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects.
  • Ability to work independently while being able to contribute successfully to cross function teams.

  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills.

Job ID: 1851565

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