The Clearance department of Marvel Studios handles many aspects of legal clearances, including those
related to production, marketing and distribution of films and other content released theatrically and
via Disney+. The Clearance department reads and analyzes scripts and research reports to identify
potential clearance issues and ensure appropriate clearance of names and places, dialogue, artwork,
props, costumes, photographs, film/TV clips, mock-up designs, and building/architectural designs. They
negotiate agreements with outside parties controlling rights to artwork, photography, footage, and
other proprietary material used in Marvel Studios content.

The Clearance department advises content production staff (e.g., producers, writers, art departments,
set decorators, prop masters, costumers, editors, visual effects, animators) of clearance procedures. In
connection therewith, they also review dailies, rough and final cuts of films, websites, bonus content,
behind the scenes/EPK materials, interviews, bloopers, deleted scenes, trailers, TV spots and other
marketing materials, commercial tie-ins, print ads, DVD menus and packaging materials.

The Clearance Coordinator will be a vital part of the Marvel Studios Clearances department, providing
day-to-day support to the Director and Manager of the Clearances department, managing workflows
and processes in connection with the production clearance needs of live action theatrical motion
pictures, live action streaming projects, animated shows and other duties as assigned with an emphasis
on the use of computer applications for tracking and document management.


  • Communicate and coordinate with production offices in connection with meetings/calls, script distribution, clearance requests, payments, department forms and protocol.
  • Communicate and coordinate with internal studio departments (e.g. legal, production, post production, marketing, consumer products) in connection with meetings/calls, screenings, exchange of documents and other information.
  • Maintain and manage clearance status reports, department contacts directory, digital document signing, and digital document filing.
  • Facilitate and track required payments for research services, licensing, and/or other fees.
  • Develop expertise with current and future computer applications utilized in the department.
  • Search and retrieve archival department information as needed.
  • Under supervision, transmit, follow-up, and track standard clearance requests to outside parties.
  • Perform internet/phone research in connection with fictional/non-fictional elements for films and/or obtaining rights information.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Required experience: 2 years entertainment experience, preferably in television/motion picture production and/or production legal
  • Technologically adept
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Forward-thinking, ability to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and implement/adapt to the change
  • Proven capability to take initiative and seek increased responsibilities
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced and fluctuating environment
  • Proficient in autonomously prioritizing work and managing deadlines
  • Strong proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel

Required Education

  • BA/BS degree preferred

Job ID 787599BR

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