The Creative Services Editor/Producer position focuses on craft editing, specifically in the creation of daily content for next-generation products with an eye towards identifying direct-to-consumer, paid experiences.  The position will provide editing support across all CNN platforms. Assignments include graphic creation for show opens and packages, various forms of content for special programming, as well as traditional news elements.  The Creative Services Editor/Producer incorporates a visually compelling approach to editing and producing while adhering to defined editorial and journalistic standards. The position requires proficiency in After Effects, graphic creation skills, color correction, and basic audio sweetening.    

The Daily      

  • News production editing        
  • Complex and creative graphic creation          
  • Stylized program elements (show opens, elements and teases)   
  • Documentary and other long form editing
  • Partner collaboration on scripting, story development, producing and fact-checking.          
  • Producing and creating visual elements (video and graphical)   
  • Distinctive storytelling                                     
  • Metadata requirements     

The Creative Services Editor/Producer fulfills these responsibilities by utilizing demonstrable technical, editorial, and creative expertise in editing, producing, design and compositing skills, and visual effects. Assignments will be completed under news production deadlines, requiring flexibility with schedule/working hours.

The Essentials

  • Established working experience in a professional news or sports environment.
  • Demonstrated technical and creative expertise in editing and producing, including but not limited to the Adobe Creative Suite with an emphasis on After Effects and visual effects plug-ins such as Sapphire, Boris, Red Giant, and others.
  • Must have thorough understanding of video production workflow, and proficiency in file-based production environments.
  • Proven editorial judgment and knowledge of editorial functions such as story pitching, field production, shot selection, scripting, as well as managing and adapting to the continually developing technologies driving the industry.
  • Expected to continue skill development on existing production platforms and training in the proficient use of emerging technology.
  • Collaborative with partners and peers on production projects and responsibilities such as attending show meetings, contributing to story generation, script enhancements and video research.
  • Must be agile and adaptable in a fast paced, rapidly changing environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, technical production, English, political science, history or relevant professional work experience.

Job ID R000050905

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