As the Original Content Broadcast Production Manager, you oversee the daily operations for online and live-in person original content events. You will be the central contact for our team and communications with our production vendor. This includes taking a product roadmap and building the digital and physical versions of the product, highlighting the best of Twitch. Focus areas will extend from pre-production, production design, vendor selection/management, on site execution, and all post event responsibilities including post-mortems and reporting. You will report to the Sr Manager of Broadcast Production.

You Will:

  • Manage broadcast production for online, studio and live event broadcasts
  • Determine best practices for streamer audio/video integration to online competition events
  • Implement latest industry and custom built technologies to broadcast pipeline
  • Determine operational priorities, and promote performance identifying risks early, planning contingencies and reacting to issues in real-time
  • Develop and refine production workflows and department standards for online tournament broadcasts and enforce those standards to ensure quality across all of our products
  • Build a wide network of external partners to assist the team in delivering the best products possible
  • Create budgets and monitor costs throughout ongoing life of a program and for new programs and events
  • Coordinate graphics, sponsorships and publishers assets across weekly and live-event broadcasts
  • Manage vendors in North America and across the globe in producing competition events

You Have:

  • 5+ years of experience in live broadcasting, streaming, gaming or event production
  • Experience with leadership within live studio and remote broadcast productions demonstrating an ability to take a creative concept and build a structure around it
  • Working knowledge of all control room and studio disciplines including cameras, lighting, graphics, video switching, audio, conceptual routing
  • Experience with multi-day live-spectator events with over 1,000 audience attendees

Bonus Points

  • A creative spark and passion for building ground breaking esports events which challenge the boundaries of anything that exists in the marketplace today
  • Knowledge in Excel / Google Sheets (can maintain complex spreadsheets) for budgeting, scheduling along with the ability to work with large data sets
  • Know how to project manage, think backwards, and plan for results
  • The ability to navigate a multiple-team member environment. You know how to get agreement from all levels while continuing to achieve success within your team
  • Experience creating and improving processes. You don't just inhabit a role; you make it better, and are willing to help others improve their roles as well
  • The forethought to thoughtfully escalate problem areas in advance. You know how to ask for help early, and we won't penalize you for raising concerns
  • You are a Twitch Streamer or act like one and know the tools!
  • You have been to Con for the last 4 years in a row!
  • You have seen a lot of esports
  • A deep rolodex of contacts and endemic knowledge of how to use that rolodex to fill gaps. And as our workload scales, you know the best professionals in the industry to whom we can outsource this work
  • A network of esports and general gaming connections. Some of our best ideas come from our friends. We'd love for you to bring some to the party
  • An active Twitch presence as a broadcaster, moderator, chatter, or lurker. We're partial to folks who genuinely love our product

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