We are looking for a highly creative and detailed Set Decorator that can bring to life multiple in-house sets for our non-union productions. The ideal person will possess extensive set decorating experience within the film industry with a strong understanding of design. Ideally, the Set Decorator knows how to source and procure furnishings and dressings, as well as skillfully place and arrange them on set. This individual will be expected to analyze overall requirements, cost, and timeline specifications as needed for each set. Ultimately, this individual will be able to use their strong creativity, design judgement, and resourcefulness to decorate multiple environments while achieving the desired message, story, or mood. We create videos based on realistic scenarios so sets must be relatable and believable.


  • Working closely with our Senior Production Managers, Screenwriters, and Directors to achieve the desired look and feel within each set 
  • Setting up and decorating multiple sets and sourcing for props (i.e. furniture, lighting, decorative items)
  • Setting up both simple and intricate sets 
  • Acquiring needed props while conforming to budget restrictions
  • Maintaining proper placement of decorative items to ensure the safety of performing actors and crews on-set
  • Overseeing and maintaining each decorated set, overall visual appeal, and maximizing allotted space for current and future needs 
  • Maintaining clear communication with all necessary departments 
  • Creating inventory logs of all props and set decorations while maintaining meticulous organization using appropriate platforms (Skype, Monday.com, Google Drive) 


  • A minimum of 4+ years working within the film industry as a Set Decorator
  • Hands-on experience designing and decorating sets with a realistic aesthetic
  • Comprehensive understanding of pre-production, production, and post-production 
  • Self-motivated with excellent communication and time management skills 
  • Strong sense of urgency with the ability to meet tight deadlines 
  • Flexible work schedule that may include nights and weekends


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