Responsibilities and Duties of the Role:

Social Engagement & Planning

  • Manage and frame development of Evergreen Brand social strategies content optimized for platforms such as Instagram Video, Instagram Reels, Twitter video, YouTube and emerging platforms at varying lengths
  • Frame social strategies for thumb-stopping original content identifying relevant formats, trends, and adapting them to fit brand voice and audience; this is in collaboration with Digital Content team producers
  • Reference the Star Wars brand guidelines and Social/Digital Strategy when developing social content calendars, ensuring posts are consistent with the brand voice, style and tone
  • Frame development of Evergreen Brand social strategies, optimized for a balanced content mix and demonstrates awareness of all Levels of Fanship (no prior knowledge, light referencing to existing IP, Core)
  • Frame and provide input as it relates to messaging, engagement, and community preferences. Additional emphasis on creating strategic content plans targeting all levels of fan ship (Potential, Casual, Core)
  • Frame and provide input into monitoring and reporting platform updates, bugs, or changes that affect day\-to\-day execution or overall community management.
  • Frame and provide input into event and production social content capture on site content, and possibly be on camera representing Lucasfilm.
  • Input and provide notes to the international team’s content calendars. Checking to see that all social accounts represent the proper brand voice and stay consistent across the board globally.
  • Co-Manage day to day traffic and deliveries of VisDev assets, Provide insight to the vis dev team on proper use of Star Wars elements for all internally created assets. Also providing additional art direction for all commissioned artwork, also providing replacement assets if needed. (Digital content strategist)