Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Conducting COVID training sessions for cast, crew and show staff and distributing reference and training materials
Establishing and managing on site testing vendor relationship, including scheduling, tracking and distribution of results to company members
Reviewing all work schedules to ensure required health screening and testing can take place safely and efficiently
Communicating with the company regarding COVID safety initiatives including briefings, health updates, memos, etc.
Posting and maintaining approved signage and awareness campaigns
Coordinating with Disney Theatrical Health & Safety as well as Disney ER to implement positive/suspected case management and contact tracing
- Enforcing DTG policies and protocols onstage and backstage with the support of Production Operations and Show Management
- Establishing relationships with cast, stage management and crew to ensure implementation and monitoring of the COVID safety program
- Submitting reports to Production Operations regarding concerns, violations, and compliance; provide advice and guidance on potential areas for improvement and necessary changes
- Distributing PPE for the production and insure that it is disposed of properly
- Coordinating with the venue on cleaning/sanitization schedules for the production site and insure plans are followed
- Distributing supplies for cleaning and disinfecting
- Other tasks as required.