“What would you say you do here?”
- Maintains creative integrity of film throughout the production and post-production processes.
- Is responsible for the accurate presentation of all materials related to the film (eg: story reels, workprints, previews, tape outputs, etc.)
- Leads and participates in scratch, production, and ADR dialogue recording sessions
- Cuts and/or supervises the cutting of temp SFX and Music for the story reel
- Responsible for creation of all tape and QuickTime outputs from Editorial
- Imports and edits OMFs from Production
- Handles publishing all cut lists/EDLS and change notes to Production
- Is the primary point of contact with Technical Directors in production
- Supervises quality standards of all work done at audio houses and other post houses
- Spots final film with Sound Designer and Composer
- Acts as a creative liaison between Directors/Production, sound designer, and mixers
- Attends all screenings (studio and preview) and works with Directors to incorporate changes resulting from those screenings
- Attends production meetings when possible
- Delivers an approved cut of the film in the required format to the sound and music departments on the handover date

“What do I need to have in order to do this job?”

- Intimate knowledge of AVID Media Composer
- Provide a reel/portfolio of work examples -- if available, include a web address when you submit your resume
- Must submit an attestation disclosing your COVID-19 vaccination status and, if partially or fully vaccinated, submitting your vaccination record no later than 7 days following commencement of employment.
- Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at the commencement of employment or adhere to enhanced protocols if Company determines your job position requires accessing an NBCUniversal/DreamWorks Animation worksite.
- Must be willing to adhere to all Company COVID-19 workplace safety policies and protocols.

“What can I offer?”
- Proficiency with Photoshop is a plus
- Familiarity with FLIX is useful
- Animation editing experience is preferred
- Familiarity with Pro Tools for scratch recording is preferred
- Familiarity with Linux/Unix operating systems is preferred