This position is an important role at Paramount as Paramount Pages are the ambassadors of our company. Responsible for giving tours, managing studio audiences for television tapings and special projects as assigned.

Responsibilities to include, but not limited to:
• Serve as a brand ambassador and provide professional studio tours to paying guests as well as studio executives
• Assist with managing audiences for television shows
• Deliver more in-depth VIP tours when qualified and as needed.
• Provide Tours:
- General tours are 2 hours in length
- VIP Tours are 4.5 hours in length
- Typical schedule is 2 tours per day but may adjust as needed
- 80%-90% of tours are spent walking, sitting, driving, bending and standing
- Typical shifts are 6-9 hours long: 80% of shift will be spent standing and/or walking
- Work week is 3-4 days per week, including weekends and nights (summer and holidays)
• Assist with Special Events, which include various assignments from mini-tours, directing guests, and introducing films at the Paramount Theatre

• Special assignments may be assigned after 6 months in the position which may include different functions and responsibilities

Basic Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s Degree required
• Communication degree and experience with public speaking a plus
• Valid Driver’s License
• Minimum 1 year office experience, preferably working in a fast-paced environment
• Minimum 1 year of work experience outside of college internships a plus