The Junior Director of Production will support the Senior Director of Production in overseeing all live action production that happens in the U.S., running our 4-person in-house production team as well as freelance crews.

- Working with the Creative Team on story and interesting locations and guests
- Working with Brands & Social Media on campaigns
- Creating and Managing Budgets and schedules for content
- Working to oversee that the Blippi content including animation and live action is on schedule and budget.
- Ensuring that Production Processes are a well-oiled machine
- Overseeing Post production and ensuring efficient turn around of cuts
- Liaising with all departments heads in LA as well as London
- Overseeing every step of Production from budget to schedule through delivery.
- Managing Schedule: Development, Production & Post
- Representing Moonbug with Clients, Vendors, Talent, Locations
- Working with Producers on locations, gear, vendors, crew and securing permits
- Accounting – run a tight ship, deliver Actuals budgets while working with the Line Producer and Show producers and accountants on a daily basis.
- Insurance – mitigating risk in all aspects of production from financial to operational COVID and Safety & Welfare Compliance.
- Working with Producers on management of all Logistics of the shoots
- Regular liaison with internal marketing, distribution and brand teams, many of which are located in London
- Maintaining structure in a job that is constantly different

Qualifications and Desired Experience
- 5 years experience producing, hiring and working with a production crew.
- 5 Years experience working within a corporate environment
- 5 years of creation of Production Budgets
- 5 years of creation of Production Schedules
- Ability to prioritise and manage multiple stakeholders needs
- Problem solving at a very high level
- Able to work in a startup environment