The Production Coordinator is responsible for assisting Producers, and Associate Producers, in the creation of smart, original content for multiple distribution channels—on broadcast and digital platforms—with a heavy emphasis on unscripted video production, as well as occasional studio production.

Primary Duties/Responsibilities:
- Facilitate communication between core team members on their assigned show/project(s)—particularly the Producer, Associate Producer, - - Production Manager and Production Assistants.
- Manage the coordination of production tasks on their assigned show/project(s) as directed by the Producer, including:
- Field production as necessary (includes running audio, assisting camera and/or grip, script supervising, etc.).
- Knowledge of film permitting and coordination for on-location production.
- Organizing off-site productions in conjunction with Production Management.
- Responsible for all releases (personal, material and location) pertaining to production.
- Post production as necessary (includes logging footage, transcribing, creating graphic files, editing, media management, etc.).
- Tracking and processing licenses for sourced material (footage, archival photos and video, music, etc.).
- Continuously monitor the status of their show/project(s) using Production Department collaborative tools: Microsoft One Drive (Excel, Word, etc.), the Producer Checklist in Airtable, etc.
- Assist in communication with Co-Production Companies which includes:
- Help Producer track Co-Pro budgets and expenses.
- Assist Producer in creative collaboration with Co-Pro team members (includes collaboratively creating treatments, scripts, paper edits, etc.).
- Assist Producer in managing Co-Pro production and post schedules.
- Assist Producer in shepherding project through every stage: development, pre-production, production, post, delivery, air, and archiving.
- Responsible for production wrap binder in conjunction with Production Managers

- 1-2 years’ experience as a production assistant on high quality video content, particularly the production, pre-production and post-production of long form documentary, episodic series and/or digital programming.
- Basic knowledge of documentary field production processes: lighting, sound, camera.
- Basic knowledge of digital film/video post-production processes:
- Proficient in editing in at least one NLE software application: either Adobe Premiere or AVID.
- Experience working in LOG workflows for filming/editing/color correcting.
- Experience in using digital cinema cameras (e.g. Arri Amira and Alexa Mini, RED cameras, Canon C300, and Sony FS7).
- Experience in sourcing and securing licensing rights for music, acquired footage, archival photos and videos.
- Excellent writing and editing skills.
- Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite.