Your New Role…
Provides administrative and project support to the EVP, Visual Effects.

Your Role Accountabilities…
- Manage carious administrative tasks for EVP: Prioritize & coordinate calendar, book domestic and international travel, maintain and submit expenses, manage calls and call log.
- Schedule meetings with various WB Senior which most often include: WB Presidents, WB Senior Level Executives (Domestic & International), Feature - Production Producers, Directors, Supervisors; WB CDO; Senior Level Executives from other studios, Vendor CEO and Producers.
- In consultation with the Executive Vice President, prepares and reviews customized Deal Memos and new hire paperwork for VFX production staff.
- Assist in generating and updating detailed Visual Effects breakdowns and budgets by reviewing scripts and storyboards and discerning appropriate effects related issues from the material.
- Monitors Weekly Status Reports, Shot Summary Updates, etc. submitted by Production VFX staff. Distributes proper forms to VFX production staff.
- Maintains a weekly analysis of VFX costs reports and overage requests and completes a departmental weekly budget summary per project that details any additional expenses or savings.
- Reviews Visual Effects contracts ensuring adherence to VFX policies pertaining to retaining assets, credit guidelines, etc. Manage signature/approval requests for NDAs, and confidential contracts.
- Reviews WB Awards reels (Academy, VES, etc) and liaisons with Publicity for any materials due.
- Reviews VFX vendor reels for compliance with WB content guidelines.
- Distributes and manages VFX weekly agenda.
- Works on special projects as directed by the EVP, Visual Effects, such as statistical analyses and emerging trends.
- Manage P Card Purchases and reports, and day to day office operations for the Visual Effects department; office supply ordering, trainee schedules, conference room calendars etc.
- Coordinate and organize department files and intra-department communications, in additional to managing company administrative functions.
- Oversees and catalogues physical production assets and assists production with requests and approvals.