Support Function

- Support Supervising Editor on their respective comics. These responsibilities include:
- Report to Senior/Executive Editor on all aspects of comic production. This includes:
- Proofread manuscripts
- Maintain communication with artists and writers and provide feedback on story and art
- Set deadlines for talent
- Traffic materials
- Coordinate with Production, Manufacturing and other departments to ship the comic
- Coordinate with senior editorial staff to ensure that character and content developments are planned and shared with the entire staff Assist Supervising Editor to develop new series ideas and initiate projects Various writing responsibilities (solicitation text, letters columns, ad copy) Gather reference materials for freelancers

Series Management
Direct Management of comics series. These responsibilities include all of the above, plus:

Coordinate between Supervising Editor, marketing, sales, and senior management to create comics aimed at specific target demographics Track/organize/schedule/traffic comics Maintain editorial policy and style Provide final sign-off and approval on all vouchers and payments for work for respective titles


- Strong verbal and written communications skills
- Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task
- Practiced documentation skills
- Experience managing style and method of standards for creative products
- Basic computer skills
- BA in Journalism, English, Writing, Dramaturgy or related field