Your role: As a member of the Library Services team, you will have the opportunity to work with original artwork and photographs for some of the most influential artists of all time.

Here you’ll get to:
- You will interact with WMG departments around the world including A&R, Creative Services, Release Operations, Marketing, Sync Licensing, Brand Partnerships and Legal
- You will research and locate images and artwork, identify photographers, and provide photography agreements
- You will collaborate with and periodically host executives, artist management, authors, film makers and photographers
- You will utilize flatbed and transparency scanners to digitize photos and artwork
- You will upload files and tag metadata in Digital Asset Management systems
- You will retrieve files from servers, hard drives, DVDROMs and other media. Convert to desired formats as needed and send via electronic delivery
- You will crop and edit images and apply basic retouching when needed
- You will organize, preserve, and catalog assets utilizing proper handling and archival storage procedures
- You will coordinate retrieval of assets from WMG’s global archive facilities from physical carriers and cloud-based storage solutions
- You will check-in and check-out physical assets and assist with retrieval and refile (may be required to lift up to 25lbs on a daily basis)

About you:
- You have experience operating professional flatbed scanners and software
- You have knowledge of digital image formats and specifications
- You are proficient with Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Suite
- You have experience with physical media formats used in professional photography
- You have knowledge of archival preservation practices and safe handling of physical media
- You enjoy research projects
- You are passionate about music history