- Handle the receipt, organization, tracking, distribution, duplication, and delivery of all Post Production related materials.
- Maintain databases and spreadsheets to notate, budget, and track retakes and other materials for overseas studios.
- Assist the Post Production Supervisor/Manager in any way necessary to maintain the workflow of the Post Production process.
- Work on multiple shows for different Post Supervisors/Managers.
- Sit in on edits and/or other meetings to take notes from the key creative personnel on the show.
- - Communicate efficiently with Producers, Network Executives, and Overseas Studios.
Various tasks assigned by supervisor.

- 1-2 years of both 2D and CG Animation Post Production experience.
- Proficiency in the MS Office Suite of apps, Filemaker Pro, and Photoshop.
- The ability to type dictated notes with speed and accuracy.
- Knowledge of common interchange formats & codecs as well as professional NLE apps for Picture and Sound Editorial, Compositing, Color Correction, and Delivery.
- Highly organized with an attention to detail and the ability to multitask.
- CG/Shotgun knowledge is a plus.