We are seeking an experienced Coordinator of Production to help manage both internal and third party productions, inclusive of a wide range of unscripted programming from multi-cam stage shows to docu-reality follow and competition.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Maintain a thorough understanding of and stay up to date on market for unscripted shows and personnel and vendors.
- Participate in initial kick off and ongoing production meetings for internal and partner produced productions.
- Assist with identification and curation of experienced, high quality production staff and crew.
- Coordinate document distribution and production information flow, with emphasis on updating, maintaining, and championing use of Netflix tools and databases internally.
- Coordinate the onboarding process and technology adoption for production companies and freelance producers to the Netflix app ecosystem.
- Audit completion/delivery of production materials during pre, production, and wrap.
- Participate in beta testing proprietary apps, while offering constructive feedback about the end user experience and integration of new technology into the existing ecosystem.
- Collaborate effectively with internal operations and technical teams and other production coordinators to streamline workflows across all apps and content teams.
- Maintain comprehensive knowledge of the Netflix app ecosystem, embrace new technologies and actively participate in brainstorming future technological innovations.
- Research, curate, and develop relationships with vendors, while continually analyzing cost efficiencies.
- Research and outreach to potential filming locations and studios in the US and abroad.
- Assist the team as necessary with Production budget review and analysis.
- Any other duties as necessary to support the productions and the department.

- 5+ years experience with production management both in the field and ideally on a network level working with large format reality series. Candidates will likely be at the Production Manager or Line Producer equivalent outside of Netflix.
- Ability to handle a fast paced environment, simultaneously supporting several projects in various phases of production (from evaluation to production through delivery) and courage to take educated risks while thinking outside the box while always responding in a timely manner
- Familiar with the current trends and workflows for both HD and 4K, single cam and multi-cam, stage based and location
- Familiarity with post production/editorial systems and finishing processes