Marvel Studios Animation is hiring a compositor for one of our animated series productions. This person will be responsible for the final composite and output of animated scenes.

This is an IATSE 839 position covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

- Digital touch-up, sweetening, and paint to finish composites as final frames and/or illustrations.
- Attend dailies reviews and sequence launches, as needed
- Attend Director review meetings, as needed
- Execute the Director’s vision and share creative solutions with team members
- Assist in developing techniques to create the necessary layers/mattes with appropriate compositing software and detailed documentation.

Additional Qualifications
- Digital touch-up and painting ability.
- Extensive knowledge of and Experience with Maya and Nuke.
- Strong knowledge of After Effects and Photoshop.
- Strong knowledge of matte, cryptomattes and necessary layers for finishing.
- Able to work independently using commercial and proprietary lighting, rendering, and compositing tools.
- B.A. or B.S. in Animation, or related field preferred.
- Knowledge and Experience with Houdini and Effects/FX skills are a plus.