The Production Manager is responsible for assisting the Directors of Production and VP of Production for Live-Action Series content produced for Nickelodeon.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Assist the Director of Production, West Coast Live Action on all aspects of work.
- Serve as production contact for show unit’s POC from pre-production through post.
- Collaborate with internal departments (BALA, Music, Talent, Licensing, etc.) and connect show units with department contacts as needed.
- Support Director of Production in the Management of 3rd Party Productions.
- Assist shows with script clearances and working with Viacom PCLO team.
- Schedule weekly clearance calls/monitor emails and report any clearance issues to Production Executive.
- Track, correct and submit background checks for productions.
- Maintain and update the Network Producer’s Guide and keep series updated on network policies and procedures.
- Assist with weekly Covid tracking for Viacom Safety.
- Assist with Music Contracts/tracking of show music.
- Assist in the set-up and wrap of Live Action Productions. Including start paperwork, deal memos, cast-lists, office set up, etc.
- Build first-pass show unit production schedules, contact lists and calendars.
- Coordinate Start-up meetings and introductions between productions and network departments.
- Update and distribute the Production guidelines and binders.
- Assist in researching office buildings and stages.
- Track all show units’ delivery of appropriate delivery materials required.
- Work with the residuals department to ensure they have all materials they require.
- Assist with casting department needs during show start up and wrap (i.e., generate contracts, update cast lists, submit to residuals with updates, etc.
- Review weekly union documents and arrange for signature.
- Submit approved documents to unions – required forms/documents (i.e., DGA Deal Memos, WGA Notice of Tentative Writing Credits).
- Update monthly checklist calendar to track all documents (DGA, WGA, and SAG-AFTRA) for each current series.
- Attend weekly call with Legal department to assist in the tracking of series contracts.
- Attend Weekly Development Call to assist in tracking payments.
- Communicate with agencies to gather start paperwork for writers. Work with Finance Department to set up vendors as needed.
- Maintain tracking document for development payments.
- Create and submit the Storybook WGA weekly worklist.

Basic Qualifications:
- 5+ years experience in production for television or film.
- 2+ years of people management experience.
- Previous experience creating and managing production-specific documents including contact sheets, call sheets and deal memos.