As an On-Set VFX Supervisor, you will act as a liaison between Scanline VFX, the project’s production departments as well as the overall VFX supervisor and/or Director.

- Maintain creative and technical relationship with clients, building and maintaining a strong client confidence
- Effectively brainstorm and suggest shoot methodologies more friendly to VFX and the betterment of the project
- Flag overages and conceptual changes that would affect the VFX bid
- Communicate creative, technical input for shot design and completion with VFX staff while maintaining Director's vision and working within budget
- Regularly update senior management to show status weekly

- Minimum two (2) years of on-set experience as either a VFX supervisor or similar on-set responsibilities on high-level feature films and/or episodic
- Ability to work with a team to cover data acquisition of VFX material, including photographic textures and reference, HDRIs, photogrammetry and 360-degree photography
- Experience in on-set 3d scanning, and texture photography
- In-depth understanding of strategies for shooting plates that enable the successful integration of CG elements
- Strong technical knowledge and organizational skills
- Excellent communication skills and an ability to take exact direction from the Director and translate to post VFX house