The Production Accountant will be responsible for managing all financial aspects of our production processes, including budgeting, forecasting, cost tracking, and financial reporting.


• Set up Project accounts, set up authorized users, hand off to production accountants and producers.
• Receive and review cost reports from accounting and production and interface with corporate finance.
• Manage milestones and cashflow within productions and report results to corporate finance.
• Manage production budgets in coordination with production teams and executives.
• Monitor and track production costs, including labor, materials, and equipment, to ensure that projects are completed within budget and overages are properly identified early for approval by customers.
• Analyze financial data to identify trends and areas for improvement in production processes.
• Prepare financial reports and forecasts for production projects and present them to senior management.
• Work closely with production teams to ensure that financial objectives are met and assist with cost-saving (margin-improving) initiatives.
• Collaborate with other departments, such as Legal and Human Resources, to ensure compliance with regulations and policies.
• Interface with 3rd party accountants assigned and contracted on specific productions. This position will be the funnel point between production accounting and corporate finance.
• Coordinate with production teams and consultants to prepare and submit tax filings related to production activities.
• Review and approve vendor invoices and resolve billing discrepancies.
• Manage payroll processing for production staff.
• Ensure all production activities are carried out in accordance with company policies and procedures
• Review budgets and production timing and funding schedules, ensuring all deliverables are within budget and in line with funding received
• Collaborate closely with Legal department to ensure compliance with contracts, guild agreements, and other legal obligations related to production activities, including reviewing participations and residuals calculations.
• Work closely with the Finance department to ensure that all production-related financial data is accurately recorded and reported in the company's financial statements in accordance with US GAAP.
• Provide financial analysis and reporting to the Finance department on production-related costs, budgets, and forecasts to ensure that financial objectives are met.


• A Bachelor’s degree, preferably with a focus on the entertainment industry
• 5+ Experience with production accounting and budget and cost management, preferably within the entertainment industry
• Experience with production budgeting and forecasting and knowledge of industry standard production practices.