Essential Responsibilities

  • Schedule and coordinate meetings, color and mix sessions, and travel arrangements for supervisors
  • Update calendar with staffing changes, vacations, and office events.
  • Align with various partners and collaborators on deadlines, deliverables, and expectations
  • Prompt communication with creative teams, post-production, and vendors to ensure a smooth workflow
  • Submit A/V Marketing assets to the MPA and Networks for review
  • Maintain a progress database that tracks various A/V assets
  • Perform a variety of accounting activities such as expense reports, purchase orders, and invoices
  • Provide clerical support to the Clearance Department such as processing payments to Music Libraries and Record Labels
  • Provide additional support to Finishing workflow communications when needed, such as the distribution of Finishing Memos and ISCI code generation and trafficking
  • Manage all in-office operations, including, but not limited to stocking office supplies, and kitchen refreshments fulfillment
  • Coordinate nightly dinner order for evening staff
  • Plan and coordinate in-office team building events


  • Minimum 1 year relevant experience
  • Demonstrated proficiency in PC/Mac operating systems, office productivity suites, filesharing and collaborative work applications (Outlook, Teams, Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive, Asana)
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