The Executive Producer will oversee and maintain the operations of Method’s VFX and Post-production team and ensure success across the business by delivering the best quality work with great communication across all departments.


  • Generate and maintain revenue for the company through client relationships, strategizing with Sales Reps/Managing Director/EPs/Head of Production to do so.
  • Bid new projects and help find leads/new work for the studio.
  • Help to promote the VFX Team, Creative Directors and VFX Supervisors to the larger industry, and develop sales strategies, promotional ideas, and new ways of thinking to enhance the status of the team within the industry.
  • Oversight of any live action shoots, including working with a line producer to accurately bid the shoots and track them so they come in on or under budget.
  • Gather and distribute to EPs, Head of Production, Producers all key information (i.e., boards, creative expectations, schedule, transfer and delivery requirements) necessary to bid and manage all projects in the most efficient manner.
  • Encourage and mentor the growth of early career/developing producers, coordinators, and artists.
  • Help assign producers to projects and oversee their progress on assignments.
  • Manage the budgets for each project from start to finish, and ensure proper overages are being presented when needed. 
  • Help the producers to maintain profit margin for each project bid.
  • Work with the Managing Director to establish all project margins, budgets, and discounts.
  • Work with legal/security to ensure compliance, all processes are considered, and all projects are run above board and by the book.
  • Work with Accounting to make sure the billing is properly done in accordance with the client’s needs.
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