Sony Pictures Entertainment is looking for a Real-time Asset Artist to create content for the Unreal Engine.


  • Collaborate with the Asset Supervisor, Asset, Pipeline, VAD and Lighting team on creating characters, environments vehicles and props to be used in the Unreal Engine
  • Create high quality assets ranging from concept to final model and surfacing that are fully optimized to perform in a real time environment
  • Ingest assets that are internally created or from third parties into our projects.
  • Active in the creative research and development and communicates goals and objectives clearly
  • Assist with long-term strategic planning and inspiring technical solutions regarding asset development with the team
  • Leverage latest advancements in Unreal Engine to expedite asset development process
  • Ensure that standardized practices are developed and implemented across projects to meet high quality and aesthetic standards


  • 5+ years of experience with real-time content creation including:
  • Excellent eye for details and an artistic portfolio of work showcasing modeling and texturing expertise across a variety of types of models, for characters, vehicles, environments, and props
  • Ability to create Meshes, Materials, UV maps, Textures, for Optimal Performance
  • Proficient knowledge in DCC programs like Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush, Houdini, Blender etc. For creating detailed models
  • Extensive experience with Substance Suite and Photoshop for creating textures and materials for the look development of assets that adhere to Physically-Based Rendering principles as well as Non Photo Realistic principles
  • Experience with optimization processes for assets while keeping high fidelity details intact
  • Proficient experience working in real-time productions using the Unreal Engine and has knowledge of tools within the Unreal engine for character creation, set dressing, Landscapes, Blueprints, PCGs, Splines etc
  • Maintain consistency and quality on all meshes, textures and shaders created for all types of assets
  • Ability to Rig and skin assets and built a Control Rig in Unreal Engine
  • Have an understanding of metahumans and ability to convert custom characters to run in the Unreal Engine
  • Experience working in a Volume, LED Stage, Mocap stage and with Virtual Cameras
  • Visual Effects experience (Compositing, Set Extension, Previs, Postvis, Techvis, After Effects, Nuke, Renderman, VRAY, etc.)
  • ShotGrid, Syncsketch, Bluescape, Marvelous Designer knowledge is a plus
  • Experience photogrammetry and scanning
  • Experience with lighting, sequencer, camera, layout, fx, and animation, in Unreal Engine
  • Experience with advance rigging, metahuman skinning, and control rigs within DCC and Unreal Engine
  • Experience with Unreal tools, Landscapes, Procedural Content Generators, Blueprint creation, Sequencer, Nanite, Lumen, Data Layers, Niagara, Groom, Chaos, Simulations, Retargeting, Cloth, Plugins, etc.
  • Creating custom parent materials, procedural materials, and functions
  • Basic Scripting Knowledge (C++ / Javascript / Python)
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