The Episodic Director - Series will support the Supervising Director and manage a team of Storyboard Artists and Designers for their respective episodes. 


  • Partner with the Supervising Director and participate in all creative aspects and phases of the production to achieve the overall completion of an Episodic TV show
  • Manage Storyboard Artists and Revisionists during storyboard and animatic process (i.e. handouts, check-ins, deliveries, revisions)
  • Communicate with Supervising Director and Production Staff in regards to staying on target with schedule; identify and suggest efficiencies when necessary
  • Direct respective episodes as efficiently and economically as possible and in accordance with the Showrunner and Supervising Director's vision
  • Innovate efficient ways to tell a story through storyboards and animatics using the latest technology available
  • Break down a script into sequences and plan out shots using action maps and other available tools
  • Collaborate with Editorial using their knowledge of timing and animation to assemble and create an animatic for supervisor approval
  • Ensure that each episode is completed on time and with the approval of the Supervising Director
  • Prepare for and lead storyboard handouts by communicating storytelling direction, design requirements, and expected level of polish to the Storyboard team
  • Participate in storyboard reviews and provide clear notes for revisions
  • Evaluate the continuity and quality of all storyboards and punch up the storyboards and/or animatics as needed
  • Provide status updates, troubleshoot, and review potential changes on a regular basis with production staff
  • Mentor and support the Storyboard team and cultivate positive team morale


  • 5+ years of industry experience, preferably in CG TV animation.
  • Prior directorial experience essential, ideally in a series
  • Proven skills in storyboarding, animation camera composition, storytelling and animation timing required
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