MSNBC is looking for an experienced Line Producer for Chris Jansing Reports.


  • Assist senior producer in creating daily broadcast by executing editorial vision of day.
  • Serve as backup Senior Producer.
  • Oversee daily rundown changes.
  • Supervise editorial content of newscast.
  • Use leadership skills to motivate, mentor and manage employees.
  • Write news scripts and teases.
  • Work with show director and production crew.
  • Oversee all in-show graphics and story titles.
  • Work with senior producer to approve (copy edit) all scripts.
  • Pitch story ideas (day-of, next day, futures).
  • Initiate planning process.

In Control Room:

  • Preview accuracy of upcoming video, graphics and chyron.
  • Preview upcoming stories and segments.
  • Communicate with guests and correspondents-time cues, roll cues, thank-you’s.
  • Communicate with control room staff-director, teleprompter operator, chyron operator and TPM.
  • Time newscast.


Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • Must have at least 5 years of experience in live television (i.e. morning shows, cable shows, broadcast TV, etc.).
  • Must have at 1 year of line producing experience.
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