• Service, liaise, and collaborate with multiple touchpoints, including SPE TV, Airlines and Non-Theatrical Sales, SPT Sales (for special TV projects), Editorial, Post Media Center, Airline and Domestic TV servicing teams and clients, TV Mastering, Title Stewardship, Labor Relations, Legal, Finance, SPE Creative (for TV/Airline Script Coverage), DCS Systems and Workflows, GPI (GPMS), Sound Stages, SPT Music, Directors Guild of America, Talent and Agents/Managers

Review Activity

  • Coordinate all proactive and reactive (Ad-Hoc) Airline editorial requests. Airlines Sales advises Editorial Services as to which films to screen for edit notes and budgetary considerations, either for overhead, Special Edited (seatback) or both. Reactive edits are typically for clients requesting specific edits for a film that was not proactively edited, such as for Special Edits, or Middle East, Saudi, Kuwait edits. The Editorial Coordinator will also review any Airline created trailers against edit notes, as well as schedule and supervise any TV ADR sessions with talent when needed.

Project Management

  • Support special TV projects in concert with SPT Sales and/or Domestic TV, providing evaluation of editorial needs and budgetary considerations, as well as guidance or coordinating the manufacturing, distribution, and administrative aspects of the servicing process. As with Airlines edits, special TV projects or 1st TV edits may require additional TV/ADR coverage, in which case the Editorial Coordinator will schedule and coordinate that facet of production. This will be done under the supervision of the Editorial Services Manager. Evaluate and resolve technical edited asset rejections.

Preparation and Research Activity

  • Researches legal/talent requirements and is responsible for drafting and distributing talent notification letters to the appropriate parties, including legal, Domestic TV, editors, producers, the DGA, and talent representatives.

Creative Assessment Activity

  • Prior to new SPE feature productions, the Editorial Coordinator supports the review of production scripts to provide a summary and detailed list of TV/Airline coverage notes for production to consider


  • Knowledge of video / audio materials
  • Knowledge of industry developments (clients, competitors, technology) by reading trade press, SPE news clippings, discussions with internal and external clients
  • General computer applications such as Microsoft Office
  • MS EXCEL proficiency is required
  • Database management
  • Data analysis
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