The production Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day production schedule and crew under the guidance of the Line Producer.

“What would you say you do here?”

  • Ensure that the production is running efficiently and smoothly
  • Oversee production staff and communicate regularly
  • Put processes and practices in place to ensure crew is supported
  • Have transparency into crew and understand the detailed status of the production and episodes
  • Raise challenges and issues to the Line Producer and when appropriate other studio management
  • Enable and contribute to a culture that creates an environment where the crew can do their best work
  • Supervise, mentor, delegate, and grow the production staff on the series, including delegating targeted tasks and empowering the production staff to take on additional responsibilities
  • Assist with the overall show schedule, track man-weeks and coordinate day-to-day workflow
  • Help to establish the org chart, division of duties, and production pipeline
  • Work with the Executive Producer, Directors, CG Animation Director and Art Director in conjunction with the Line Producer on the schedule and planning for their departments
  • Work with Art Director to coordinate the design pipeline and supervise the rotation of design duties between episodic teams as well as build the design task list and ensure all designs go through the EIC Approvals and Clearance process.
  • Under the guidance of the VP of Animation Production and the Line Producer, develop an effective relationship with Partner Studios, ensure daily communication, troubleshoot issues and potential delays
  • Assist with information in production reports including Milestones, Staffing Profiles, Weekly Production Summaries and Partner Studio reports; including knowing what the information means, gaps that require discussion and trends that appear
  • Attend pitches and other review meetings with Executive Producer, Sup Director, Directors and/or Art Director to ensure the schedule is moving forward and/or specific issues are addressed and/or raised
  • Run production meetings to ensure clear communication, dissemination of information, acknowledge accomplishments and discuss challenges
  • Assist Post Production Supervisor in monitoring and facilitating retake process; ensure information is communicated in a timely manner and monitor retake budget
  • Advise the Line Producer of any potential problems or issues, particularly those impacting schedule, and come prepared with proposed solutions
  • Develop thoughtful and meaningful initiatives and events to elevate crew morale and grow the series’ team dynamic
  • Assist the Line Producer with performance reviews to provide crew clear feedback with specific examples within the timeframe provided by the studio
  • Assist the Line Producer by discussing performance management or personnel issues and concerns with the crew and show leadership
  • Ensure that the team culture is one of timely feedback (with both positive praise and constructive criticism)
  • Foster an environment of collaboration and an environment where mistakes are an opportunity for growth
  • When relevant and appropriate, convey studio initiatives to the crew
  • Take ownership of ramping up new hires


“What do I need to have in order to do this job?”

  • Software requirements: Gmail suite, Microsoft suite and Shotgun
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the animation production process, Story/Editorial department experience preferred
  • Communicates clearly and ensures that the correct internal and external groups are provided timely updates
  • Ability to work with remote crew and independent contractors
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