In this role you will:

  • Be the point of contact for all inbound and outbound aspects for a high-level literary manager-producer including coordinating, scheduling, note-taking, rolling calls, deal/payment tracking, etc.
  • Rely on sound judgment and knowledge of the business to ensure relevant meetings are scheduled in a timely manner
  • Read and evaluate scripts and be able to verbally communicate opinions; write short synopses and comments on material, be curious about and interested in new talent, and emerging voices 
  • Create lists of directors, writers, and actors for projects in development
  • When appropriate and asked for,  provide verbal or written feedback on drafts or dailies for projects in production
  • Assist clients as needed: organize client meetings, zooms and calls; keep track of client deals and incoming revenues; keep track of client’s prep and shoot schedules, and transmission dates for episodic work and launch dates for films
  • Develop an awareness and timely communication skills regarding important personnel changes and other developments in the industry at large that might impact on client business of production projects

 We are excited about you because you are:

  • An experienced Assistant with a minimum of 1-2 years of experience at an agency, management, or entertainment company
  • You have an interest in a career in literary management and/or producing
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