CBS Sports Network is looking for an Associate Producer to join the remote production department.

•    Responsible for building and distributing all elements, sales elements, and animations needed for all remote games, taped shows, and packaged productions.
•    Produce flashbacks, vignettes, teases and bumpers for live games and events. 
•    Manage and distribute music for each remote event.
•    Coordinate with internal departments on upcoming schedules and requirements needed for the remote department.
•    Liaison with vendors and freelancers on materials and elements. 

Experience and Skills:
•    Minimum 5 years of experience working on live sports broadcasts recommended.
•    Requires strong communication skills, attention to detail and ability to multitask.
•    Familiarity with the editing process, graphics, tape/playback sources is a plus. 
•    Knowledge of truck requirements and formats.
•    Basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere & After Effects.
•    Creative thinker who understands how to produce appealing content for use within games.
•    Deep knowledge of sports, particularly college football and college basketball.
•    Expected to work nights and weekends during prime seasons.

•    4-year college degree or equivalent work experience required.

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