About Us

Crewvie™ is the leading global database-driven platform of verified entertainment professionals. Developed, curated, and wholly owned by an all-women team of seasoned entertainment & technology professionals, Crewvie™ empowers productions to fulfill their staffing needs with a focus on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. With its innovative search engine, production tools, and insights, Crewvie.com is a driving force in the entertainment industry.

Colleagues and friends Marcei Brown and Jeanette Volturno devised a plan to create a much needed, robust database designed for entertainment industry professionals, to assemble and share their top-tier location crews for movies, television, commercials and digital programming.

Marcei has served as an Assistant Director, Line Producer and Unit Production Manager (DGA) on films ranging from "Get Out," to "BlacKkKlansman," to "Benji." Jeanette's expertise includes accounting, VFX and production (PGA). She is currently a co-founder of Catchlight Studios & Film and formerly Head of Production for Blumhouse Productions where she has worked on more than 60 feature films including Academy Award-winning movies "Whiplash" and "Get Out." They also collaborate together in their other company CatchLight Studios & Films.

Marcei and Jeanette turned to web engineering veterans, Camille Alcasid and Sandra Jimenez of Westside Websites, to bring their vision to full fruition. Camille and Sandra listened carefully to Marcei's and Jeanette's goals and studied the industry's pain points in film production from the perspective of Line Producers. The solution is Crewvie.com, a proprietary technology powerhouse, custom-developed with the latest web and distributed search engine technologies.

Crewvie.com is a much-needed resource that not only ensures a successful and efficient on-location working environment, but one that adheres to Marcei's and Jeanette's commitment to "Pay it Forward."

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