Oversee day-to-day Post Production on assigned originals for scripted, unscripted series and international co-productions for AMC, Sundance and AMC+. Follow schedules closely with show post producers. Daily contact with show post producers on the status of schedule and any technical issues that arise. Liaison between post personnel, studio/production company and internal departments such as Production, Development, Media Management, PR, Promos, and Marketing. Disseminate all post materials for all shows. Facilitate Post needs for press and clips for On Air as needed. Along with Media Management, supervise the final master deliveries, review QC reports, and create and distribute the Deliverables Handbooks for all shows.


  • Maintain and evaluate post production schedules on series assigned
  • Work with producers to staff each editorial team and the post office space.
  • Maintain daily updates on each series assigned, including cut updates, changes to post schedule, technical updates
  • Provide inter-departmental communication regarding post schedules and delivery dates
  • Organize and maintain the distribution of cuts for review.  Ensuring proper tech specs and run times are met and creative, S&P and legal approvals/ notes are given in a timely fashion.
  • Facilitate post needs for On Air, Press, Digital, and Marketing
  • Help plan for future upcoming new series in development- including budgeting and creating schedules for various production scenarios.
  • Create and maintain vendor relationships (main title companies, sound stages, VFX companies, dailies, office space etc.).  Including, approving vendor bids at the start of post for each series and making sure each vendor has been approved by AMC’s security team. 


Management Skills
• Ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects across scripted and unscripted  
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to prioritize
• Fiscally responsible

Technical/Functional Competencies

• Think outside the box Excels in organization and distribution of a wide-range of materials and assets
• Post production technical and budgetary assessment skills
• Thorough knowledge of interdepartmental needs and setting up the processes to fill these needs
• Ability to manage multiple series and projects in a high pressure and time sensitive environment

Key Experiences/Achievements
• Established relationships with studio partners and show producers
• Technical post production experience and expertise
• Proficient in Excel, Movie Magic Budgeting
• College degree required
• 7+ years hands on post production experience-studio exec
• post production vendor and/or freelancer on the show side

Job ID: R-2785

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