The Art Director is one of the most senior artists on the film, and works under the Production Designer in executing the look of the film through various departments in production.  The Art Director should have a solid background in drawing, painting, and picture-making as well as strong communication and leadership skills.  The division of responsibilities between the Production Designer and Art Director is dependent on each other’s complimentary skillsets of designer and colorist.

Job Duties:

  • Works with Production Designer in developing the look of the film.
  • Translates and clarifies the Production Designer’s vision for the look of the film to the artistic crew.
  • Assists the Production Designer in supervising and executing many of the artistic decisions on the film.
  • Provides inspirational artwork early in the film’s process. Provides supplemental artwork to clarify the artistic intent later in production.  Might generate artwork in any or all of the following areas:  character, environment, props, textures, mood, lighting, and story concepts.
  • Collects and provides research and inspiration for other artists on the film.
  • Helps establish, illustrate, and articulate the color infrastructure for the film.  Designs a color script.
  • Assists with the lighting and design infrastructure for the film, tying it closely to the story and character arcs.
  • Works as an artistic advisor to lighting with VFX Sup.
  • Works with the Production Designer and Production Manager to hire art department members and advise on other staffing matters.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a Visual Development artist.
  • Ability to think and design from concept to finish independently.
  • Strong understanding of design principles and color theory.
  • Strong communicator and collaborator.
  • Strong management and organizational skills.
  • General knowledge of production tools and pipelines.
  • Proficient in Photoshop.

Desired Characteristics

  • Knowledge of Maya and ZBrush or similar software packages.
  • Experience with feature animation schedules and pipelines.
  • Maintains a positive team environment.

Job ID: 65065BR

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