• Act as liaison between overseas studios and Cartoon Network Studio artists including follow-up communication
  • Breaking down boards, tracking and maintaining art design.
  • Manage design calendars for units and assist in setting unit functions
  • Photocopying materials, updating the file systems, coordinating art approvals, managing the art archives and managing the artwork database
  • Responsible for preparing materials for shipping (overseas as well if applicable), tracking and distributing materials to the crew.
  • May be responsible for coordinating retake materials from work print to final picture, sitting in on calling retakes, typing retake notes, and sending all retakes and backup materials to the overseas studios.
  • May be responsible for all aspects of records including scripts, cast lists, circle takes, and sending files to and from dial editor.
  • May be responsible for conforming storyboards.
  • Act as liaison with Legal department and BS&P materials and Clearance.
  • Works under the producer or PM.
  • Training of the Production Assistant and/or DPA.

Job ID: R000049683

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