In this role, you’ll be taking an active part in the overall incoming delivery, post-production and distribution process. Core responsibilities include assisting with wire payments, budgeting, tracking incoming and outgoing materials, and coordinating their transportation to the post lab and storage facility. You will also be overseeing a variety of special projects for marketing and distribution which include production and finish of trailers, TV spots, sizzle reels and other EPK materials while working directly with multiple trailer agencies on sourcing materials and accepting delivery. You will also be supervising the trailer/TV spot finish process which includes mixing and online sessions off site and ensure assets are delivered on time and at best quality. Other responsibilities include overseeing DCP run throughs off site prior to special premiere events and assisting with asset sales and materials distribution to airlines, home video, digital and cable partners. This is a 360 role that deals with many different internal teams cross-functionally as well as multiple external partners and requires extreme attention to detail, multi-tasking and core technical skills when it comes to editing software, graphics, technical specs, etc.


  • Act as primary manager for all IFC Films branded promo and marketing asset production, from sourcing to delivery 
  • Plan edit schedules and strategically forecast and address editorial needs with marketing and production approval 
  • Supervise and address technical issues during trailer/TV spot online editorial and mixing sessions 
  • Assist with creative approval and legal clearances for promo assets prior to finishing
  • Manage multiple external vendors and ensure assets are delivered with optimal specs and traffic information is clearly communicated 
  • Support cross-functional asset delivery and maintain excellent relationships with various internal and external partners 
  • Oversee long long-form feature asset delivery to airlines 
  • Manage metadata delivery and troubleshoot issues with support team for IFC Clear digital streaming portal 
  • Manage production and delivery of marketing assets and special sizzle reels to various awards circuits 
  • Assist director of post-production with DCP, and feature assets delivery process, QC, and distribution rollout 
  • Develop scopes of production work while managing individual title budgets and sales parameters 
  • Assist with asset delivery for home video, digital and cable platforms 
  • Manage MPAA rating submission and tracking process 
  • Assist with asset storage and archiving management and tracking 
  • Conduct intern recruiting process and arrange interviews, and onboarding process with HR team 
  • Process T&E expenses and follow up on invoice/wire payment status when required


  • Min years of experience – 2 years post production or other related field
  • Technical experience - Strong technical understanding of the media landscape and emerging opportunities.  Knowledge of Final Cut, Pro Tools, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office (preferred)
  • Degree and Certifications – 4 year bachelor degree in film or communications (preferred)
  • Managerial experience - Experience – N/A
  • Strong managerial skills, including the ability to quickly address issues, train and motivate others
  • Ability to analyze and make crucial decisions in unexpected situations in order to meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail and talent for working well with others

Job ID R-2840

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