The Manager, Post Production will oversee the post-production team, defining and managing the end-to-end post workflows and pipeline. Accountable for scaling post operations alongside the growth of the team, and for setting up a global network of post partners and direct freelance staff pending project needs. 


  • People Manager for the Post Production team, cultivating a collaborative and candid culture
  • Manages resourcing for Post across all projects (vendors & individual talent) 
  • Provides direction and support to direct post colleagues, keeping a close eye on on-going needs to provide coaching and problem solving support
  • Accountable for day-to-day tactile post operations and execution across all projects
  • Develops and scales post production team and roles based on growth needs
  • Vets and maintains a resource bench of both vendors and individual post talent to tap into as needed and as best fit for any specific project
  • Communicates regularly with cross-functional departments to assess scope and challenges of various projects and to stay ahead of the pipeline to forecast for staffing needs
  • Supports the Post Supervisor in ensuring legal clearances and platform standards are upheld
  • Identifies problem areas quickly and poses creative solutions, responding in real-time to challenges within the post production operations
  • Keeps up to date on current and emerging technologies for post production
  • Evaluates, refines and improves internal post processes to increase efficiency, quality of content, and operational precision to scale globally


  • 10+ years experience across end-to-end post workflow
  • Strong coach for Post teammates who can guide and grow them in both tactical and cultural spaces; experienced people leader
  • Experience and oversight of end-to-end workflows across multiple content types and distribution channels (digital, film, tv, social, integrated production etc)
  • Network of post resources, local and global, including individual talent and vendors for a multitude of post needs or workflows (animation, linear editing, graphics, CG, VFX etc)
  • Expert knowledge in scoping post production timelines and budgeting
  • Expert knowledge in post workflows across multiple platforms, verticals and genres
  • Outstanding ability to think strategically, predict problems before they arise and resolve issues in a collaborative fashion
  • Clear understanding of operations and project management with the ability to oversee multiple projects & project teams within a pipeline at a time
  • Consistently learning and growing; attending events, networking & expanding knowledge base
  • Innovative and technology seeking, someone who looks for ways to make things easier and better
  • Experience communicating alignment with cross-functional teams 
  • High threshold for working in an ambiguous, fast paced start-up-like environment, figuring it out and adapting as you go
  • Problem-solver — Able to identify, facilitate and resolve the different issues on each project and the needs of the teams

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