This Production Manager will manage all aspects of planning a full production for LIVE remote events and studio shows. The Production Manager is a direct report to the Executive Director, Production & Operations (Studio & Remotes) and oversees the Production Coordinator.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Remote Responsibilities

  • Serves as key resource for all production teams in the field and primary liaison between a wide variety of entities (e.g. Facility Management, Production Crews, Talent, Site Operations, Vendors, Tournament Directors and other TV Network Representatives).
  • Supervises and coordinates facilities with host broadcaster, both foreign & domestic to include the following: VandA bookings, office space, credentials and access, power, venue coordination, logistics and shipping.
  • Supervises and coordinates staff requirements and needs on remotes both foreign & domestic.
  • Hires crews for remote ATP 1000 productions foreign & domestic.
  • Trains new hires on production departmental processes and procedures.
  • Plans and coordinate hotel needs both foreign and domestic (along with Prod Coordinator).
  • Plans and coordinates rental equipment tracking, logistics, and shipping (both foreign and domestic).
  • Develops and ensures quality control of all production books.
  • Manages and maintains planning documents: schedules, trackers & planning spreadsheets.
  • Works closely with the team to create daily crew call times and schedules.
  • Maintain and coordinate current COVID-19 standards of operation and policies.