The Associate Producer coordinates creative and technical setups for all things dedicated to the Smosh Games brand, across all current and future platforms.

- Work directly with the Director, Games to ideate, program, and help execute on all programming initiatives for Smosh Games on YouTube and other platforms when needed.
- Attend pitch sessions, coordinate Google pitch and pre-production forms, take in any ideas from the staff and freelancers, and work with the sales team to pitch creative for branded integrations.
- Work closely with the production team to assist, where needed, in logistics of every shoot, including call sheets, cast wrangling on set, and obtaining talent releases.
- Research and consistently pitch new video concepts, weighing them against competitor sets online and acting a a thought-leader on the team
In conjunction with Production Management, coordinate the pre-production and production of all videos
- Prep and work with talent to flesh out any creative and character based ideas
- Direct videos when called for
- Work with editors to finalize all edits, including giving notes and approving edits for publishing.
- Ideate and provide direction for titles and thumbnails
- Source and publish content for YouTube Shorts as directed
- Work with Director, Games on publishing schedules for both channels
- Work with producing staff and editor to maintain a consistent look for all edits across all channels

- 2+ years of experience in in digital content creation, with an emphasis on short- and mid-length formats across video games, board games, and TTRPGs
- Highly organized, focused, and detail-oriented, with a double focus on how content is developed and made, and how it performs.
- Deep interest and knowledge in the digital video landscape, from successful current content creators to the newest updates and tools for major online platforms.
- Creative and/or comedy writing experience a plus!
- Experience maintaining and updating organizational systems and workflows.
- Broad knowledge and expertise of the video and board/tabletop gaming industries, including new releases, what’s currently popular, upcoming/in-development titles, and major trends and players (studios, developers, publishers, platforms, creators, etc).