Crewvie® is an online platform dedicated to supporting inclusive productions worldwide. We see you and we want you to be seen!

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    Set-up Crewvie Projects to build and collaborate with your team, and determine eligibility for awards and tax incentives.
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    Become a member, self-represent, and take control of your data.
  • See insights on the makeup of Productions while adhering to strict privacy policies and each individual's anonymity.
  • Manage your organization's members with turn-key collaboration and reporting tools.

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Get unique INSIGHTS of your hiring practices over time. Crewvie® auto-calculates whether your Project qualifies for various tax incentives or meets the minimum eligibility requirements for Oscars®, BAFTA®, Emmy®, and more!

  • Inclusion Attributes
  • Local vs Non-Local hires
  • Union vs Non-Union
  • Expertise Level
  • Number of hires per certified Association

Studios and Production Companies may sign-up for a STUDIO PORTAL to access analytics across multiple Projects, including the list of all all Crew, Vendors, and Production Services hired.