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The CSUEA is an initiative that aims to provide a competitive edge to CSU students entering the entertainment industry by removing some of the financial and structural roadblocks encountered while trying to get your foot in the door.

By providing paid-for accommodation in Los Angeles – the hub for the majority of highend Hollywood (usually unpaid) media and entertainment internships – to those who have already successfully secured internships, the CSUEA hopes to even the playing field for CSU students who live outside of Hollywood and do not have the means to rent in the area. If you knew that rent would already be taken care of, what opportunity wouldn’t you apply for?
Our Internship course offers a VERY low cost 3-unit course for students who are interning and need credit in order to complete the opportunity.

About video of The CSU Entertainment Alliance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_7MN4vw8w4

We also understand that the entertainment industry is largely about “who you know” and our grants program provides opportunities to attend industry conferences and events in order to network and keep up with the newest trends, as well as bring in guest speakers for workshops on desired entertainment topics/subjects. We make this opportunity available to students, faculty, and staff of ANY CSU.


Dr. Dina Ibrahim
Executive Director
Haley Seppa
Creative Operations Manager

Alma Lopez-Tilghman
Partnership Manager

Social Media Manager
Podcast & Visual Media Producer
Social Media Specialist
Research Assistant and Web Fellow

Proud member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.


The members of the CSUEA Advisory Council are high profile executives, individual creators and trendsetters in all facets of entertainment who represent media giants, leading studios & independent companies.
The Council helps guide the CSU’s efforts to develop beneficial industry partnerships as well as the most relevant course and career development standards for our students.

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