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Creating a more diverse talent pipeline into film and television careers.


Job seekers without personal connections within the entertainment community often find a barrier to entry, and this contributes to the ongoing lack of diversity in the entertainment industry. In addition, hiring managers and production teams do not have adequate hiring support to search for candidates that create more inclusion, so EIFCP works to ensure that diverse candidates are presented to hiring teams for available positions.

Candidates for employment are sourced from well-established pathway programs including Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Academy Gold Rising, the Television Academy Foundation, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's Group Effort Initiative, Hollywood CPR, ManifestWorks, and the CSU Entertainment Alliance. Upon the completion of training within these programs, candidates are offered the opportunity to upload their profiles onto the Crewvie jobs platform and become identifiable to an EIFCP manager who shares their credentials with hiring teams staffing for film and television production or company offices.

With an increased commitment to inclusion, networks and studios are looking to the EIF Careers Program to help them hire and advance job candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.

When reality meets film production...